Seven Things To Know Before Hiring A UX Team

A product owner or manager considering cooperation with a UX team needs to know some things about us UX folks.

By now you probably know a bit about the field, but we’d like to show you how we work from our perspective, too.

You can read a lot anywhere about methods and UX design tools… But many things come to light only when we start working together on a day-to-day basis, the tiny details which only experiencing everyday interactions can bring, the “UXperience”, so to say.

Ready? So let’s go! (Attention: may contain doses of self-irony 😉 )

ux team

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How We Conducted User Research in The Arab Market

arab market

“Our product does not need any changes if we want to bring it to new markets because it will be successful anyway, just like at home,” said no smart product owner ever. They know that designing a good product is hard. Designing a good product for a new market is even harder. To know what to design for the target audience (or what to change on the existing design) requires knowing the target audience. Here we have collected some tips and tricks about international usability research. We also share specific examples and experiences gathered during one of our international design projects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Read More »

How to avoid distractive design and create successful products?

We are living in the era of distractive design and technology. We have many annoying electronic devices competing for our constant attention. As Mark Weiser said: “The scarcest resource in the 21st Century will not be technology, it will be attention.”

So how to compete on the digital market for this very scarce resource? This is what Calm Technology can help you with.

Keep calm and avoid distractive design

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