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Written by Borbála German and Réka Pető
How Far Do People Trust AI?
In this quantitative research, we aimed to get an overview of the usage of AI-driven tools and to see how much people trust AI and AI tools.


To get a better understanding of people's attitudes and trust toward the concept of AI and AI tools, we ran a survey in Europe. We were especially interested in how much people trust the concept of AI and AI tools, what factors can affect trust, what AI tools people have tried, and what concerns they have.

Our results showed that people in general trust AI, but, gender, industry, and location can affect the level of it. We could also see that people still have concerns related to AI tools, especially towards the output they get. Moreover, the most used tool is ChatGPT, and why? Because people enjoy using it. To learn more, check out our detailed results!

Why haven’t people used AI tools yet?

Even those who haven't yet experimented with AI driven tools expressing openness to doing so in the future.

Reasons why people have not tried AI tools

In our survey, we also looked for the reasons why people haven’t tried AI tools yet,  and we were also interested in possible differences between people never tried and are not open to trying, and people who haven’t had the chance to try but would be open to it.

In general, people are more skeptical than scared related to AI tools. Moreover, people who haven't tried it also can see the opportunities in different AI tools.

A lying bar chart illustrating the proportions of why people don’t use or haven’t tried AI tools so far. Four options can be seen on the chart under each other with the corresponding bar percentages.


We also compared people who haven't tried AI tools but would be open to trying and people who haven't tried AI tools and not being open to trying it. People are still able to see the opportunities in AI tools, even if they are not open to trying them, but they are skeptical.

In this bar chart, a comparison between people who haven't used AI tools, but planning to (bright blue) and people who haven't used AI tools and not planning to (dark blue) can be seen. On the x axis, the possible three answer options are shown.