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Written by Borbála German and Réka Pető
How Far Do People Trust AI?
In this quantitative research, we aimed to get an overview of the usage of AI-driven tools and to see how much people trust AI and AI tools.


To get a better understanding of people's attitudes and trust toward the concept of AI and AI tools, we ran a survey in Europe. We were especially interested in how much people trust the concept of AI and AI tools, what factors can affect trust, what AI tools people have tried, and what concerns they have.

Our results showed that people in general trust AI, but, gender, industry, and location can affect the level of it. We could also see that people still have concerns related to AI tools, especially towards the output they get. Moreover, the most used tool is ChatGPT, and why? Because people enjoy using it. To learn more, check out our detailed results!

Chat GPT - The most used tool

The majority of people named ChatGPT as the most frequently used tool, and the reason behind it is that it is a fun experience overall.

Most used AI tool

We asked our participants which tool they use most frequently. The majority of participants in our sample are using ChatGPT the most often, followed by Bing, then Bard.

A donut chart illustrating the percentage of which AI tools people use most frequently. It shows ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, ‘I don’t use AI tools frequently’, and ‘Other’. Each segment of the chart is labelled with the corresponding tool and percentage.

Why do you use this tool?

According to people who use ChatGPT the most, they use it because they enjoy using it, it can save time and improve the quality of their work.

A lying bar chart showing the proportions of why people use ChatGPT. Fifteen different reasons can be seen on the chart under each other with the corresponding percentages.

Why people use Chat GPT the most frequently?

We also asked the participants why they use ChatGPT most frequently. According to the answer, mostly because it is fun to use, also they are genuinely interested in AI tools, and because they trust the output of this specific tool.

A lying bar chart illustrating the proportions of why people use ChatGPT the most frequently. Seven different reasons can be seen on the chart under each other with the corresponding bars and percentages.

People’s attitudes related to ChatGPT

From these results, we can also see that people use ChatGPT because it is easy to use.

However, we can also see that they wish the tool would be more reliable in the future, and more than half of the participants also have data privacy concerns.

These stacked bar charts show the proportion of the given answers for six different statements. People could respond on how much they agree with these statements on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 was I do not agree, and 5 was I completely agree.