Online Marketer With SEO and Copywriting Focus at UX studio

Hello there,

We are UX studio, a 42-person design studio, focusing on digital products (mainly mobile and web apps). We work with companies like Google, Netflix and HBO, and we also build our own digital products. We have a super-talented young team, and we are looking for a marketer to help us launch one of our new products!

What is the product you will work on?

We have a product called, a portfolio creator tool for designers.

Designers need an online portfolio when they apply for a job to showcase their work. You can imagine like a website builder, but we added a ton of great portfolio-related features that makes portfolio building faster and more fun to our users. And they love it. 🙂

The product is built by a small team of eight. We are all young and super enthusiastic about building a software that actually helps other people. We already have 45k users from 174 different countries, most of them from North-America and Western-Europe.

Now we would like to start a similar, but new product. This time a portfolio builder for architects. As a marketer you will be responsible for the marketing of this new product. Your job will be to implement our marketing strategy for this new target audience, and do every marketing-related task in the new product team.

This image above was made two years ago, when we reached the first 100 paying users milestone. 🙂

Your job as an Online Marketing Manager

You will be able to have an overview of the entire B2C customer acquisition process: from attracting people and building awareness to boosting conversions and turning visitors into actual paying subscribers. UX studio is a supportive environment where you can bring your own ideas to the table and your hard work is appreciated.

We will mostly focus on:

  • SEO content creation from planning to publishing,
  • Conversion optimization of all marketing materials,
  • Marketing automation and email marketing,
  • Content distribution and promotion,
  • Measurements and analytics,
  • Social media management, and
  • Partnerships.

(Although PPC, Instagram and TikTok are quite popular between marketers, you will not really have a chance to work on those areas, at least for the beginning. So if your career goal is to learn PPC, please do not apply to this position.)

You will be part of our new product team, and you will be involved in all discussions about product strategy as well. You can have a huge impact on the success of our new product.

You will be put in a position where you build a product for people who love architecture, buildings and interior design.

You will work directly with our CEO David, and other members of our new product team (designer and developers). Our three other marketers in the company will also have your back, if you have any professional questions or want to share your experience.

UX studio marketing manager position

You are the ideal candidate for this position, if…

  • You have exceptional English skills, as all our communication is in English. An advanced level exam is a nice thing to have (but not necessary).
  • You are ready to learn a lot. You will try new things every single week. You have to be able to find the right sources, read about best-practices and implement them in our marketing. You are not afraid to experiment, measure and modify things again and again until they work.
  • You have a strong work ethic, and you love to PUT things in practice. It’s not a strategic role, we go for real results, and we have real, hard work to do.
  • You are a self-starter: You will have mentors on the team to help you learn new skills, but you’re expected to find opportunities.
  • You love writing, and are passionate about content creation. It’s a good sign if you wrote a blog before on any topic.
  • It’s an advantage (but not necessary) if you already used SEO tools (ahrefs, ubersuggest), Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, WordPress, email automation tools (Drip).

This is a full-time position. We have a cozy office in downtown Budapest, but it’s okey to work remote if that’s what you prefer.

The benefits of working with us

  • Great atmosphere, determined, young team, no corporate feeling
  • Real responsibility, chance to try your own ideas
  • A high-standard professional environment, many opportunities to learn, exciting product
  • Opportunity to attend internal and external training sessions
  • Regular team-building events with diverse activities, team lunch every Thursday
  • Every 6 months, we take a two-day trip to the countryside when we have fun and make decisions together about the studio’s strategy for the next months
  • Total transparency inside our team: everybody sees and knows everything including our finances and contracts
  • Own company MacBook
  • Flexible working hours, you will be the master of your own time
  • Work from our office or from home, however you feel
  • Pretty office located on Mozsár Street in Budapest’s city center.
  • X-Box and dogs in the office 🐶

dog in the office

How to apply?

The application process starts with filling the online application. After your application, you will receive access to our Online Marketer Questionnaire, which will help us get to know you a bit better.

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The 35-person UX studio team posing on the Danube shore in Szentendre in 2019