Full-stack Developer

Join our super talented team as one of our two new Full-Stack Developers, and create impactful digital products with us!
Kotlin+Vue or Next.js+React

As a Full-Stack Developer at UX studio, you’ll be able to work on portfolio builder tools used by designers, copywriters and architects all over the world in 174 different countries. We are a small team and we make all product decisions together, while having the freedom to solve things however you see fit.

Your responsibilities:
  • Creating user-friendly web pages by using a variety of programming languages.
  • Improving given features of the product, from CSS to API calls and settings of our cloud environment.
  • Building new features, maintaining cloud environment.
  • Managing communication between client and server using React Query.
  • Deploying our app to Vercel or Heroku.
  • Writing TypeScript code.
  • Managing everything that happens server-side of the product.
  • Trying out new technologies and tools we might use.
  • Being part of the strategic decisions.
  • You will have complete freedom of how you solve things and what technologies you use.
  • In the end you would work on either Kotlin + Vue, or Next.js + React stack. It is not a problem if you don’t have experience with either of these stacks, but we are looking for people who are happy to learn them.
  • It’s also okay if you are stronger in either the backend or the frontend side, but we are looking for people who want to become full-stack.
We are looking for you if:
  • You are familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on an advanced level.
  • You have experience in using React and Git.
  • You have experience in using a frontend framework (React, Vue or Angular), OR
  • You have experience in using some backend technologies (for example Spring with Java/Kotlin or Node.js).
  • You want to learn and evolve, and are ready to push yourself to develop your skills.
  • You are a teamplayer and ready to exchange ideas, learn from others, and share your knowledge with your team members.
  • You have great communication skills and are fluent in English.
  • You live within 2 hours of the Central European time zone.
Why work with us?
  • Great atmosphere in an international and determined young team.
  • Mentorship and full onboarding from colleagues with a wide range of knowledge.
  • Real responsibility and freedom to make your own decisions.
  • We are working in small teams: we can decide and do everything quickly together, no bureaucracy, no approvals needed, no external clients, no unreasonable deadlines.
  • Total transparency inside our team including our finances, contracts, and higher-level decision making.
  • Unlimited paid vacation days.
  • Unlimited home office, the possibility of remote work, and flexible working hours.
Apply to this job

Application process

In the application form, we will ask you to answer a few questions and submit your portfolio and CV or LinkedIn profile. After evaluating your materials we will get in touch with feedback.
Bia will get in touch with you
“Hi, my name is Bia, and I will be in touch with you through the whole recruitment process. If you proceed to the next step, I will share some interesting and useful info about us. Good luck!”
Introductory chat
You will have a short informal chat with Bia, and talk about you and your experience. She will tell you more about UX studio, and you’ll also have the chance to ask questions you may have.
We will ask you to work on a development challenge. You will have one week to work on it. This task is solely for the purpose of measuring your skillset, and we always give feedback on your work.
Final Interview
We evaluate the challenges and invite the most successful applicants to a final interview, where you’ll have a chat with our Studio Leader and the designer who evaluated your challenge.


How long does the application process usually take?

Application timelines can vary a lot depending on a lot of factors. Our goal is to get back to you within a week of your application to organize our introductory chat, where our HR manager will share more information about the next steps and estimated time of feedback.

My home isn’t ideal for an interview, what can I do?

We sometimes have the same struggle, so no worries! Luckily Google Meet, the platform we use for our interviews, has built-in backgrounds or blur modes you can use if you prefer to hide your background.

Do you offer feedback on applications?

We offer portfolio and performance evaluations if requested, and we always write personalized feedback on the work of those candidates who complete our challenge.

Does UX studio support remote work?

Yes, you can join UX studio remotely! To become a team member from another country, you have to be within four hours of the Central European time zone and have a reliable internet connection. When we have in-person events, such as retreats, we will ask you to join us. We will organize the trip for you; your only task will be to travel here to meet your team!

Does UX studio have an office?

We have a spacious dog-friendly office in the heart of Budapest. However, if you prefer working from home, you can do so, but we always recommend our team members to join us in the office every now and then to experience the great atmosphere we have here!

Is it possible to relocate to Hungary? Are there any relocation packages?

Yes, relocation is possible after your three-month-long probation period. We wait until then to make sure you are 100% confident in the position before you commit to moving between countries (and sometimes continents)! Our relocation package includes administrative and legal help from a relocation professional, financial aid for flights, and help with accommodation.

Is UX studio hiring for a specific project?

There are no designated projects at the time of the recruitment process. We have long-term collaborations and shorter projects with our clients. We only dedicate UX professionals to the projects once we are familiar with each other and know which collaboration will be the best match.

What does the onboarding process look like?

The first week at UX studio is a Product Design project week for everyone, regardless of your future position. This week you'll get more familiar with our processes and complete a short project while having intro sessions with many team members. This week's main purpose is to introduce you to your colleagues so you won't feel alone during your training period. From the second week onward, your position-related training begins with the guidance of your designated mentor.

How many projects do designers and researchers work on at the same time?

A designer only works on one project at a time, in close collaboration with a UX Researcher. Depending on the scope and size of the project, more designers could be allocated on a project.

The whole work environment is very supportive. You can practice new techniques or methods, try out new tools, or if you have the ambition, you can try yourself out in a new field.

Anna Máté
Product Designer at UX studio

At UX studio, there is a strong focus on being an inclusive environment, which starts with the onboarding and no one is left behind afterwards either. My personal favourite is the company retreat, where you have the opportunity to meet everyone in person and get to know each other better.

Gábor Szabó
Product Designer at UX studio

You become part of a community that shares knowledge and is always open to new ideas or discussing challenges you are facing.

Agustin Diaz
Product Designer at UX studio

Upon joining UX studio, I immediately felt a sense of belonging. The company culture is very warm and welcoming. Everyone is there to support you whether it is work or personal, as there is always a safe space for transparent communication.

Mirna Maurice
Product Designer at UX studio

My hands were always full since I have been working here. I can always learn something new from my teammates and our clients. Since the first day, diversity was the best possible thing in the team.

Anna Schreit
Product Designer at UX studio

I joined UX Studio right after I graduated from university. I wanted to be part of a team where I can work with clients from all around the world and where I can make new connections in the world of design.

Ádám Wéber
Product Designer at UX studio

The most exciting thing about UX studio is having a great bunch of peeps around to get insights and thoughts, and the openness where any questions can be asked. A team atmosphere that isn’t forced, so whether it’s company events or outside of work events, peeps are around.

Siân Williams
Product Designer at UX studio