Front-End Developer at UX studio


We are UX studio, a 40-person design studio, focusing on digital products (mainly mobile and web apps). We work with companies like Google, Netflix and HBO, and we also build our own digital products. We have a super-talented young team, and we are looking for a front-end developer to help us build one of our new products!

What is the product you will work on?

Our product is UXfol.ioa web-based tool for UX designers. It helps them build their online portfolios.

You can imagine it like a website builder, but we added a ton of great portfolio-related features that makes portfolio building faster and more fun to our users. And they love it. 🙂

The product is built by a small team of four. We are all young and super enthusiastic about building a software that actually help other people. We started building this product two years ago and we already have 20k users from 174 different countries, most of them from North-America and Western-Europe.

Now we would like to start a similar, but new product, targeting an other audience. It will be a portfolio builder for copywriters and creative writers.

As a developer you will build the front-end of this new product. Some of the code and structures will be reused and shared between the existing and the new product, but you will have a chance to build up the front-end of this new product from scratch.

This image above was made of the team more than a year ago, when we reached the first 100 paying users milestone. 🙂

The technology stack we use

We are building a responsive, cloud-based web application:

  • we use (and love) Vue.js
  • we use Webpack as a package manager
  • we use Sass as a CSS extension language
  • Git is used for version control
  • we use gitlab for CI/CD
  • our designers use Sketch and Figma to prepare the UI plans and the design is shared through Zeplin
  • we use third-party services like Google Storage for storing images, Stripe for payments, KeyCloak for authentication

It is not a problem if you don’t have experience with all these technologies, but you have to be ready to learn them rapidly. After you mastered our existing technology stack you will be the one who decides which technologies or tools we use.

Your job as a front-end developer

You will be responsible for everything that happens front-end-side of our new product. This means building new features, maintaining our common code or trying out new technologies and tools we might use.

You will work closely together with Sanyi, our designer, who defines the features we build and Dani, our back-end developer who builds the server-side of everything you create. Bálint, the front-end engineer on our current product will be your best friend, as you two will work on similar problems all the time.

You will have complete freedom of how you solve things and what technologies you use (although we have the above mentioned stack as a starting point). As a front-end developer you will be involved in all technology decisions we make. These are our own products we build, so we don’t have any external deadlines to follow.

We are a small team and we make all strategic product decisions together (what features to build, what is our roadmap, etc). We love to work with people who take part in these discussions, and share their inputs and ideas.

Besides using agile methodologies, we have a real agile mindset and great team spirit as well. Everyone cares about the whole product and our users, we move fast, we help each other, and we take full responsibility for everything we do.

We are proud of the fact that each one of us (even the CEO) answers support questions time-to-time. It helps us to keep a lively relationship with our users and build a better product for them.


  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript on advanced level
  • Experience in using a JavaScript framework (Vue.js, React or Angular)
  • Experience in using a CSS extension language like Sass or Less
  • Experience in using Git
  • English, as all our written communication is in English

It’s a plus if you have experience in working with Vue, microservices or a CI/CD system.

This is a full-time, on-site position in our Budapest office. During the pandemic we will probably start working together remotely, and after the lockdown we return back to our office with the opportunity to work two days a week remotely.

The benefits of working with us

  • Great atmosphere, determined, young team
  • High level professional environment, many opportunities to learn, exciting product
  • Real freedom with real responsibility, chance to try many things
  • Benefits of working in a small team: we can decide and do everything quickly together, no bureaucracy, no approvals needed, no external clients, no unreasonable deadlines, no bullshit, etc.
  • Flexible working hours (no one cares when you come and go), option to work remotely one or two days a week
  • Our office is on Mozsár street, in Budapest’s city center, with endless supply of great coffee
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Regular team building events with diverse activities, common breakfast with the team every Friday
  • Every 6 months we take a 2-day trip when we have fun and make decisions together about our strategy for the following months
  • Total transparency inside our team: everybody sees and knows everything including our finances, salaries and contracts
  • Crazy X-box wars in our chill room (but it’s okey to stay out of them 🙂 )

UX studio team brainstorming

How to apply?

The application process starts with filling the online application and a short, 4-question form below. After your application we will call you for a 15-min phone interview in English to get to know you a bit better. If we think that you are a good fit we will give you an assignment to evaluate your coding skills and invite you to a personal interview in our office.

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The 35-person UX studio team posing on the Danube shore in Szentendre in 2019