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A case study of a platform built to track the development of a woman’s pregnancy and growth of the babies.  Every important moment can be immortalized in a diary and shared with the rest of the family and friends.

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A Berlin investor company found UX Studio and gave us two months to completely rethink and redesign Bebino, their online baby diary web application. The goals were to collect the most validated learning about users with the least effort, decide which features to keep and which to kill, and redesign the website based on user needs. The challenge: The baby market is crowded with other direct and indirect competitors, so we needed hard research to figure out how to differentiate the product.


We carried out a total of twenty interviews in homes, in our office and on Skype. To warm up these interviewees, we started with a “day-in-the-life” activity that involved asking parents to describe their days, from morning to evening, and all the interactions they had with technology and their kids.


“Sometimes I just feel tired and bad…so I want to write those things out of myself.”

One interview participant

competitor analysis

We looked at other competitor products to check their value propositions, business models, feature-sets and design patterns. That also proved to us that merging memory saving and development tracking activities held good potential.


The most important lesson was that they expressed motherhood was not only about happiness. They wanted to write down their honest thoughts but felt baby diaries were too childish for that. We grouped the observed activities into five different categories and checked how typical they were.

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feature list

Bebino is a tool that allows to track the development of the pregnancy and newborn babies. But the relevancy of the tool doesn’t end here.

  • Share your memories with close family members
  • Create a personal diary
  • Learn more about your pregnancy
  • Track your child's development

design process

sketches & wireframes

At this stage, having gathered and analysed insights — and identified needs that we thought we could address — we were ready to start sketching, testing and iteratively building up solutions. After every four tests we discussed with the team the usability issues and their severity, and we concluded with the possible solutions together. The primary use case of the site is to add content, so we decided to use one main input field on the dashboard for all the memories and milestones, in order to let the users focus on the most important interaction. Based on the usability tests it turned out that we wanted too many decisions from the users at one time.

My Feed Page - Homepage

Child's Development Page

My Diary Page

final designs

We all agreed that this web app is for parents and not for kids. So we avoided childish illustrations and colours. Bebino should behave and communicate as a nanny: being friendly, family oriented, smart and clean.

My Feed Page - Homepage

Child's Development Page

My Diary Page


We designed 3 different types of icons. We ended up picking the one with the shadow because it works better with a coloured background, pops out better than any of the others and their round shapes makes a very friendly style.

emotional design

There is a moment a woman might want to keep private. Some might want to share every moment with a closed circle of family and friends. We aimed to give both possibilities to the users.

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“Very proactive, easy for them to prepare the meetings and great communication. Loved working with UX studio and want to work again.”

Chris Möller, Bebino CEO